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The Middle East Accredited Universities – MERANK Platform is the number one source of reliable information about accredited universities in the Middle East region. MERANK provide trusted information and insight about Middle East universities for prospective international students, their families and agents to learn more about Middle East as a place to study.

MERANK Platform is designed to allow students and parents to search universities by location, category and specialization. Universities are listed and categorized as public, private, trust or nonprofit. Each listing provides detailed information about universities which includes, a short description about the university, academic programs, specializations, admission requirements, international ranking, student services and contact information.

MERANK platform is a project of the Greater Middle East Research Hub a program under the American Research Foundation. The platform shall become the source of data used in the Research and Open Access University Ranking intended to be launched in 2021. Listed University shall provide information about it's open access research output and demonstrate their support for Open Access Initiatives. Our data intelligence unit shall analyse submitted data and generate the ROAR ME University Ranking.

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Our Services

MERANK platfrom provide several services to higher education institutions operationg in the Middle East region

Global Exposure

Listing at MERANK platfrom provides higher education institutions global online exposure to students and parents and recruitment agencies

Faculty Recruitment

We provide robust faculty recruitment solutions through our partnership with the American Research Foundation and affiliated projects

Data Analytics

Our servers collect important behavioral data which we analyse and provide to higher education institutions for decision making

Target Advertising

MERANK platform provides target advertising campaigns to reach students and parents in a local, regional and global scale.

Student Recruitment

We partner with universities and colleges across the MENA region to recruit students at the bachelor and graduate levels.

University Ranking

Our upcoming 2021 MENA ranking shall provide a unique look at the achievements of MENA higher education institutions









Featured Universties

The following is a list of featured higher education instituions in the greater MENA region

Cairo University

Medicine, Engineering

Qatar University

Engineering, Business

Baghdad University

Engineering, Humanities

Lebanese University

Business, Arts

Istanbul Arel University

Engineering, Humanities

University of Algiers

Engineering, Humanities

Kazakh National University

Engineering, IT

Bülent Ecevit University

Engineering, Humanities

Students Testimonials

Learn What Students are Saying About MERANK Services



MERANK platform helped me find the right program in Data Analytics in Istanbul. The platform helped me sort universiteis by country and by spcilization, it is a great asset for students interested to study in the Middle East.



I always wanted to study graphic design in Duabi. Visiting MERANK platform was the best decision of my life. Now I am living my dream, studying in Dubai and living with amazing people from all around the world, learned some Arabic in the process.



It took me almost a year searching for the right university, but when I visited MERANK platform it was smooth journey. It provides accurate and trustworthy information about Middle East universities, their ranking and the programs offered.



MERANK platform was a great tool which helped me find the right Nursing program in Turkey. The institutional details provided on the site helped me compare and make the decision in a swift manner. Now, I recommend MERANK platform for my friends.

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